There is no work more satisfying than to turn an idea into reality with my own two hands.

Grand Canyon, AZ

At a small organic farm in California, my life began amongst plants and soil, under the care of two loving parents. Now I find myself living in urban centers where gardens are rare, and nature seems far away. I am inspired by the diversity of creative people producing art, music and incredible food. My love of the earth is not gone, however, and I am not living if I don’t spend time hiking, boating and adventuring in the great outdoors.

My informal education includes a lifetime of taking apart and putting together, travel in thirteen countries, and thousands of hours in the wilderness as an adventure guide on North-American rivers. In college I devoted myself to Physics and teaching, skills that I continue to use daily. During graduate school in architecture at the University of Oregon, my leadership and construction experience helped me bring together students and professionals for volunteer design-build projects with designBridge. While completing my M.Arch degree I worked as a Graduate Teaching Fellow (GTF) for several technical courses in structural materials, environmental control systems, and cladding systems.

Jocelynn entered my life while we were teaching together. We fell in love and were married the summer she graduated. Between my graduation and our marriage, I interned with local Eugene architect Gary Moye, aquiring the nuts and bolts of my profession, and the discipline of CAD drafting. Jocelynn and I then traveled together to Curitiba, Brasil where we observed the handiwork of Jaime Lerner and Oscar Niemeyer. Upon returning to the USA, Jocelynn and I went to work for McCamant & Durrett Architects in Nevada City, CA where we specialized in Cohousing developments across the USA and Canada. Now we are living in Oakland and working for MacCracken Architects in San Francisco, CA, enjoying the wonderful culture and diversity of the Bay Area. is a portfolio of my building projects, designs and photographs. Please contact me if you are interested in my work.

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